– The Blockchain era Digital Network Gives Social Media New Meaning app

Social Media is one of the most significant internet sensations these days. When Facebook was launched in 2005, nobody would’ve imagined that one day, it will have billions of users. Whether you want to interact with your friends or start your business online, you can do all this on social media. Today Social Media comprises […]

Catching up with Technology

Chasing Technology

It is not hard to notice the sometimes overwhelming, fast pace of technological advancement, which isn’t bad per se, but we are underestimating the impact these changes have on other aspects of our lives.

How to Choose the Right Pico Projector


In the past, projectors have often been huge, bulky devices that many people struggled to carry around or make the most of. While these projectors are great for conferences, business meetings, and even home entertainment, they can be cumbersome to use, which could be off-putting for some people.  Fortunately, like most other technical devices and […]

Marketing Your Business through Digital Means

digital marketing

In today’s digital world, businesses are facing tougher competition than ever, not just from other local businesses but from businesses across the world.  These days, it is vital that you make use of digital technology to marketing your business. Whether you are selling fashion items, offering the best CPU for gaming enthusiasts, or selling health […]

3 Tips to Make Your Customer Service Emails More Effective

email customer service emails marketing online newsletter communication

Customer service emails play a vital role in how customers see and relate with your business. It is still an efficient way of reaching out to existing customers and making sure they stay customers. And since in a lot of cases, communication is not face-to-face, you have very little control over how your client reacts. […]

Why Are Swiss Watches The Best & Why Are They So Expensive?

movement mechanics automatic watch gears

It is no longer news that Switzerland makes some of the best wristwatches, and with clear evidence like Patek Philippe watches, one would be curious why the best watches come from that region. As a matter of fact, a watch can only be referred to as “Swiss made” if it meets certain sets of conditions […]