Jason McLaughlan Explains How to Create a Niche Market For Your Startup

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One of the lessons that startup businesses must learn is that they cannot be all things to all people. Discovering your niche market will help your startup business thrive. Jason McLaughlan, the owner of Western Fence Co. in Utah, explains how your startup can thrive in its niche and enjoy amazing success. What is a […]

Commodity Trading Company at Risk of Losing EUR 340+ Million Due to Contract Breach

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Commodity trading companies working in the international arena sign multi-million dollar business contracts that impact not only the wellbeing of their business partners but millions of consumers who use different types of energy on a daily basis. If something goes wrong and a company of this magnitude breaches their agreement, it can ruin the plans […]

3 Reasons Why Vivo, Oppo, and Redmi Phones Are So Popular In India

India has a smartphone market of nearly 730 million users and they control the way the market performs. Over the years, Chinese-manufactured devices such as the Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo smartphones have taken over from national brands such as Intex and Micromax, leaving them with less than 10% of the market share. This is all […]

How Does the Black Box Help in a Truck Accident Investigation?

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Everyone has heard of the black box in airline accidents. The black box is a device that holds important records of the details of the vehicle before, during, and after an incident. You may not know that big rigs also have black boxes. Black boxes are virtually indestructible, so they are most often intact and […]

How Intel And BlackBerry Technology Could Eliminate Mass Shootings

How Intel and Blackberry Technology Could Eliminate Mass Shooting

Here in the United States, we just had many mass shootings over a short period once again focusing our politicians into arguments on gun control.  These efforts are kind of pointless because our mass shootings generally occur in areas where gun control is higher than average, and the remedies tend to focus on taking guns […]