How Profitable Is Crypto Advice for Investors?


Cryptocurrency has digitalized the monetary world. It is a digital currency that utilizes the encryption technique in order to regulate currency generation and verification of transfer funds. With the inception of Bitcoin, the decentralized cryptocurrency, an outlet for personal wealth, has been established, which is beyond restriction as well as confiscation. Since the beginning of […]

Why Use a Trading Simulator Before Making Real Trades?

chart trading forex

Considering the immense risk Forex trading entails, it’s utterly unwise to jump in without proper market research. However, gathering ample knowledge wouldn’t suffice when you’re placing trades with your hard-earned money. This is precisely where trading simulators step in – a feature designed to help you master trading strategies so that you only invest money […]

Will James Richman Lend the Struggling Giant Thomas Cook a Hand?

James Richman Billionaire Investments

Thomas Cook is in the middle of very strong turbulence as its share prices rapidly at the end of May and even dropped further by 14 percent to just £10. The UK’s oldest travel company is struggling with massive debts and has seen its value plummet from £2.2 billion to £180 million in one year.  […]