IBM And Applying AI For Social Good

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Artificial intelligence, particularly as we begin to make our pivot from targeted solutions to general-purpose offerings, is a massive force multiplier.   It can look at massive amounts of data, it isn’t naturally biased (though care has to be taken not to introduce bias), and when applied properly it can significantly increase revenues and profits […]

Using Customer Loyalty Programs in Retail

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Thanks to the immense popularity of big-box stores, giant online retailers like Amazon, and same-day deliveries, the face of retail has seen dramatic changes in a relatively short time. Consumers are now free to shop for virtually any product, any time of day, and enjoy low pricing, free shipping, and other benefits that once were […]

How To Prevent Spyware Attacks On Your Computer

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Imagine a scenario wherein your social media account keeps posting material you have no idea about, or your email account has been hacked – and you don’t know when or how!  First, it locks you out. Secondly, it starts sending your contacts malicious links that you did not consent to. It is rather frustrating considering […]