How to Stay Healthy When You Are Fasting


People fast for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from health and weight loss to religious reasons like Muslims who fast during Ramadan. Thousands of Muslims around the world observe the Holy month of Ramadan each year, abstaining from food and drink between the hours of sunrise and sunset for the entire Islamic month. The […]

Joseph Pingaro Is Back With Solid Real Estate Advice


Getting into real estate can be tough, but tough isn’t much to Joseph Pingaro. The Boston-based entrepreneur has had a tumultuous career and has faced roadblocks that he’s triumphed over. As someone who’s been involved with the real estate industry for several decades, we sat down with Pingaro to see what we could pick up […]

Transporting Yachts Worldwide

boat yacht sea

In a simple way, enjoying the reliability of a yacht transport company must be the entry of such beauty for wealth and opportunity. Worldwide destinations are out there with so much beauty to offer those traveling by sea. Yacht purchases and tourism are on the rise with household wealth in the U.S. continually seeing impressive […]

How to go about selling your car to get the best price


The used car market is evolving at a rapid pace year by year, leaving behind the snob prejudices involved. Although it means this is a great opportunity to sell your car, it also means that there is enough competition that will bring down the price of your car due to a large number of sellers […]

Should you sell your car directly or through a dealer?

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If you are looking to sell your car, one of the decisions to make early on in the process is if you are going to sell the car directly to the buyer or if you are going to go through a dealer. Both options have benefits but both also have inherent risks. There are some […]