Introducing the Sometimes Misunderstood World of TikTok

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You’ve probably heard of TikTok, but whether you know exactly what it is and entails could be very much its own question. As a social media app, TikTok has grown in popularity in recent years, with millions of users sharing short-form videos of themselves with visual effects and sound bites aplenty. If all of this […]

Effectiveness of Using Skinbooster Treatment

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Skinbooster treatment is based on science like all cosmetic treatments. But unlike other treatment options, this treatment is also based on some natural conditions. It is a filler treatment that hydrates your skin and improves the skin’s overall glow and firmness through micro-injections. It introduces hyaluronic acid fillers in your skin. This treatment works by […]

An Honest Review of Nine University’s KT V.I.P. Program

Nine University

I’m no stranger to Amazon. For the past few years, I’ve tried my hand at drop-shipping and even buying off liquidation lots. Though I was successful for some time (enough to quit my full-time job), there have also been many lessons and drawbacks. Eventually, the time invested wasn’t worth the little return I was getting, […]