Back Office Outsourcing Services in the Philippines

man woman working in front of the computer

We undoubtedly live in the best day and age of the business world. Through companies like Uber and Airbnb, we see a global sharing economy which has really connected humans maybe more than ever. Outsourcing is that same process for businesses as the aforementioned is for consumers.  Outsourcing, traditionally from nationalists, is viewed as this […]

Maintaining your online reputation is critical


Social media is fun, addictive and a great way to spend your free time – until you want to apply for a job, and your potential boss requires their HR department to check all your social media profiles.  That’s when you remember all the photos, tagged posts and status updates that reflect you – and […]

How Lukas Kurzmann Became A Multi-Millionaire in Under 3 Years

Lukas Kurzmann

Lukas Kurzmann is the current CEO and co-founder of the up-and-coming female fitness company Women’s Best. This Austrian-based company is the first to exclusively sell both fitness nutrition products and sportswear to women.  Recently, Kurzmann answered a few questions about what it took to take a company from nothing to a multi-million-dollar business in just […]

What Brands Can Learn from David Kurzmann and the Success of Women’s Best

David Kurzmann

In August of 2015, two Austrian brothers launched a company that would change the landscape of women’s health and fitness around the world. Women’s Best is a company that sells products relating to women’s unique nutritional and sportswear needs.  David Kurzmann and his brother Lukas had been working in the fitness industry for several years. […]