What is a SCOBY?

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SCOBY became a trending term along with the increasing popularity of kombucha. You probably heard someone you know talk about this drink and perhaps even about making a SCOBY.  SCOBY Defined SCOBY is an acronym that stands for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. The term was invented by kombucha fanatic, Len Porzio because they […]

3 Months With The Microsoft Chromium Browser: It Is Still Awesome

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I’ve been using the pre-release version of Microsoft’s new Chromium-based browser for around 3 months now and I continue to be impressed.  I’m particularly impressed that this product isn’t even released yet. Now I’ve been a long time IE user and did try to move to the Microsoft Edge browser, but incompatibility issues actually got […]

Why The European Startup Scene Is Still Behind The US

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Whether living in the US or Europe, stress is put on becoming an entrepreneur. Many see the United States as the land of startup and viable self-employment, but Europe is also experiencing an influx of startups.  When discussing tech startups, Europe is only evaluated at $240 billion, but the US is leaps ahead at $1.37 […]