7 Steps to Successfully Connect with Company CEOs

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The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company is endowed with powers and responsibilities. A lot of marketers and sales reps struggle to get through the intermediaries to reach C-level executives for promoting their products. Establishing direct contact with the busy and experienced CEOs of a company is a challenging task. Along with the right […]

Enterprise 360: Five steps to achieving a single source of truth


Today’s enterprises have access to ever-increasing volumes of data holding a goldmine of insights. However, enterprise data warehouses are faced with the task of storing and synthesizing increasing data volumes. Legacy platforms are neither easily scalable nor flexible and due to fragmented data in multiple repositories, enterprises lack the data agility needed to make accurate […]

Kool8 Water Bottle – A Stylish Bottle That Got Me Hooked on Walking

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Today, I am going to review a water bottle I have been using for the past two months: Kool8. I work a few miles from where I live. The rush hour traffic can be hellish, and I have been trying to cut a few pounds since the last holiday season. That’s why several months ago, […]