Daily Archives: June 12, 2019

Things To Consider When Looking For A PLM Software

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A PLM software, also known as a product lifecycle management software, is a tool that is used to manage the entire lifespan of a particular product. It takes into account the complete data and information that is used to handle the whole process from the beginning to the end. Not […]

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Finding The Best Galaxy S10 Deals


Samsung finally released its newest smartphone – S10. This time, the company offers three options of the Samsung S10 to cater to all kinds of buyers; there’s an S10e budget phone, the S10 Plus for the high-end market and the S10, which falls in the middle. This new offering does […]

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Is moving your analytics to the cloud worth it?

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According to Cisco’s Global Cloud Index, enterprise workloads and compute instances will account for 73 percent of total data center workloads by 2021. The report further suggests that by 2021, 1. 75 percent of the entire cloud workloads will be SaaS 2. 16 percent of the entire cloud workloads will […]

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