How can I prevent my hemorrhoids from getting worse?

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Hemorrhoids or piles is a very common disease these days. Because of the unhealthy lifestyle, insufficient intake of water and lack of fiber in the diet, the number of patients diagnosed with piles are rapidly increasing. There are several reasons for it. The most important one is that people fail to take a sufficient amount […]

5 Reasons Why Employee Engagement Is So Important

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Do you want your employees to do more? To go the extra mile? To refer your company to their friends and family? Then you need engaged employees. Engaged employees are committed to the company and its success – they have a huge impact on the bottom line. When employees are engaged, they’re more productive, loyal […]

Why An FTC Commissioner Cried Foul On Qualcomm Decision Favoring FTC

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This week one of the 5 FTC commissioners went public on the Wall Street Journal to talk about the truly weird FTC/Qualcomm ani-trust action.  She didn’t praise the decision, which was virtually entirely to the FTC’s benefit, instead she lambasted it writing that it was an overreach to correct a problem that didn’t exist.   […]