Women’s Movements Across the Globe

Girl holding underpants with anto female violence message

Have you been thinking a lot about feminism recently? You’re not alone–from more women serving in U.S. Congress than ever before to John Oliver’s #feminism hashtag on Last Week Tonight, there’s a lot going on when it comes to discussing–and making real progress on–women’s empowerment. If it feels like we’re at a unique time and […]

Everything You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency Taxes

Bitcoin and Tax blocks

When the tax season is around, no earnings can escape the watchful eyes of the tax scanner, and cryptocurrencies are no exception. Some people believe that crypto taxes are quite complicated, and that’s why they don’t file them. Many even see it as a way to move money illegally by avoiding the taxes entirely. However, […]

The Effect of a Recall on a Defective Product Injury Claim

Gavel Law Book and Personal Injury

Do you remember the informal product recall by Samsung of its Galaxy Note 7 due to a defect in the battery which was causing the phone to explode? Samsung had to replace all the affected phones, but the problem did not stop there as there were incidents of the replacement phones catching fire. Samsung had […]

7 Biggest Truck Manufacturers In The World

White Trucks

Being one of the biggest truck manufacturers takes years of solid experience in the market. As this industry is not an easy one to meddle with. There are a lot of companies that produce trucks, however, the ones mentioned in this list stand out for one particular reason- they have maintained their status constantly and […]