Applying for a credit abroad

empty pockets

Going on vacation is something most people do today and expenses abroad can very quickly become something that weighs ones purse down, despite having a lot included in the vacation booking. Things like food and activities might quickly rack up and become a major expense that make the vacation cost way more than one’s anticipated. […]

3 Things that Make a Retirement Residence a Great Place to Live

If you have an older family member who’s thinking about moving into a retirement residence, it’s important to find a retirement residence that they will love. Increasingly, it’s a move you can make at many stages. There is a growing number of retirement residents that are designed for independent living across North America. They are […]

Which Industries are Most Vulnerable to Frauds?

Businessmen selling the house pointing at signing of sale contract.

Every industry suffers a substantial amount of revenue loss every year due to scams and frauds. Some industries have been listed to be more prone to such incidences than others. We have discussed below a few of the industries which are most affected by such frauds. Banking and Financial: This is one industry which is […]