5-Year Sales Growth of Vi Shows Great Promise

Fitness is the new mantra of the millennial lifestyle, and health foods and beverages are great contributors to that mission of wellness. Owing to this evolved consumer behavior, the last couple of decades have seen a huge increase in energy drinks around the world. In the United States alone, the energy drink market has experienced […]

Michael Valor, The Prince of Pizza, takes Hospitality by Storm

Laptop parts on a table

If you work in the advertising or digital marketing field, you might have come across several interviews, articles, or videos of Michael Valor. CEO and Founder of Valor Media, Michael founded several successful startups. However, his branding and social media marketing agency, Valor Media is shaping new ground in the corporate hospitality space. By locking […]

Bingo! The Game that Keeps Evolving

Senior Woman Winning Game Of Bingo In Retirement Home

When you think of bingo, you might think of senior citizens in a large community hall listening to a host calling out numbers. While this has been the traditional method of playing bingo for generations, bingo games have actually been evolving over time, transitioning from the basic board game concept to even becoming a major […]

How are Gains on Cryptocurrency Taxed in the US?

bitcoin on gold circuit background

When you first buy cryptocurrency, tax might be far from your mind. Maybe you’re excited to invest in a currency that’s increasing rapidly in value… or maybe you’ve been using cryptocurrency for years. Whatever your situation, it’s crucial to know how cryptocurrency is taxed – and that’s what we’ll be covering here. Note that this […]