Did YouTube Kill the Video Search Platform Industry?

When consumers continuously cross paths with industry giants, it’s easy to forget that anything else exists. For example, if you’re looking for a search result, you likely turn to Google. If you need to do a bit of online shopping, you end up browsing Amazon. Want to find a piece of video content? More likely […]

How Reservations.com plans to disrupt the travel industry

As the online travel market is on course to reach $1091 billion by 2022, a new player, Reservations.com, is planning to disrupt the global travel market by competing on a customer-centric model that is technology driven, focusing on a high-touch model. By delivering an experience that is not supported by the business models of price-cut […]

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Running socks

Running is not only a recognized sport but also a favorite hobby. Your choice for running socks is as vital as your running shoes and various socks types will empower you to achieve multiple goals. However, many individuals are not aware that socks are crucial for performing better in this sport. In case you are […]