Data Expert Rohit Gupta Talks Storage Strategy and Tech Trends

It’s a Jungle Out There In the early days of the internet, raw data was essentially seen as service byproduct of the service. Browsing habits and bits of user data passed by largely unnoticed. Even sites and companies that diligently collected and organized user data didn’t really know what it could be used for. Fast-forward […]

Sunil Jagani Explains How to Build a Five Star Customer Experience through AI

Many companies need to update their customer experience to meet new challenges. Customer experience is a vastly important and often underrated aspect of running a business in today’s competitive environment. When companies need to make changes that will keep their businesses current and ensure the best possible customer experience, they turn to artificial intelligence and […]

Saurabh Rajwade, M&A Expert, on How the Biggest Companies Make Deals

Shifting Powers There’s a moment in the original edition of The Hobbit by J.R.R.Tolkien where Bilbo and his traveling companions are moving through the mountains, and they see giants hurling rocks at each other, changing the shape of the mountains themselves. This image may be illustrative when discussing the contemporary technology sector. Competition is fierce […]