Daily Archives: April 26, 2019

What Are the Pros and Cons of Serverless Architecture

The term “serverless” has been going around the tech world like anything. It’s probably because all the experts in the field have been buzzing on about it and hyping it up. However, it isn’t hyped with nepotism and actually has some extraordinary features. Serverless is a cloud computing application used […]

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Why Do You Need to Run Website Tests?

Have you ever thought about the path the software/website has to pass before getting into your computers and phones? How is it determined whether the product will be successful and whether it can meet the requirements/needs of the end user? All these issues are solved at once with the help […]

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6 Steps to Build A Successful Knowledge Management System

Workplace efficiency is something that every employer strives to achieve as the organization grows larger. Some ways of achieving this contains both cutting edge technology as well as teaching discipline in its many forms. A knowledge management system is one such method of increasing efficiency. Here are the steps to […]

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