Huge Anticipation for New Crypto Exchange Streamex

New exchange platform is gearing up for their token sale, ahead of the platform’s June 1 launch. And there appears to be no shortage of excitement in the crypto community. Both a high-powered crypto exchange and a revolutionary “social trading” platform, Streamex promises to deliver the most advanced crypto trading platform available today. The […]

TV Tuner Dongle for Smartphones: Are They Safe?

With the internet consuming millions of audiences around the world thanks to streaming on Netflix, YouTube and Twitch, you might think that TV is dead now. But in truth, it’s still alive and kicking. While some choose to go binge-watch Netflix shows like Umbrella Academy, there are some who want to kick it old school […]

How to Get More Green in 2019

The economy is going at a pretty good pace. Actually, not just good- it’s going gangbusters. GDP grew by 2.2% in 2017, and in 2018 it grew by 2.9%- the largest growth since 2015! Your customers are happy, shipments are going out on time, jobs are getting done- and done well. There are plenty of […]