Wonders of modern medicine

From 3D-printed prosthetics and revolutionary breakthroughs in fertility treatment to robot-assisted surgery, we take a look at some of the remarkable medical achievements of modern medicine. 3D-printed Prosthetic limbs While humans have been creating artificial limbs for centuries – most notably wooden and metal hands for knights and soldiers – it wasn’t until the arrival […]

Health Benefits of Using Hemp CBD Oil

Better known as CBD, Cannabidiol is one of more than 100 chemical compounds found in marijuana. It’s often associated with getting ‘high,’ but CBD is actually not psychoactive. It’s THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, that has this effect. CBD is actually used as a natural remedy for several health issues and is increasing in popularity as research […]

Why 2019 is the Right Year to Invest in Dubai

Laptop parts on a table

Come 2019, domestic and international businesses are looking towards more profitable gains and economic stability than its challenging predecessor. However, quoting Panos Mourdoukoutas of Forbes, the increase in interest rates and receding easy money by country banks will continue to affect this year’s global economic growth. This may result in a more depressive nature for […]

Pre-Owned Potential – Getting the Most Out of a Used Car

If you are a first time car owner or simply someone who is looking to buy a car at a more affordable price, a second hand car may be the best option for you. When purchasing a used car, it is essential that you ensure you do some research into exactly what you are buying. […]

Learn What Are the Benefits of Establishing Your Company Offshore

There are many advantages one can receive by establishing company offshore. Finding opportunities for saving taxes is not the only benefit one can avail. However, it is the foremost idea that comes to our mind in the efforts of reducing our expenses in offshore company. Getting the chance to save business expenditure is also a […]

Starting a summer camp: What to do before the kids arrive

Summer camp — it’s a term that brings up a lot of fond childhood memories. Along with being an enriching experience for children, it’s fun and exciting, and most kids will remember it long after the summer ends. Children get a chance to learn new skills and explore the arts or try out various sports. […]

Coach Meddy: The Man Behind World Class Footballers Anelka, Matuidi & Evra on the Science of Fitness Coaching

Celebrity fitness is a niche segment in the world of fitness simply because of the high standards involved. While coaching athletes or even actors for specific roles, fitness instructors have to deliver a ton of requirements. Working closely with dieticians, nutrition specialists and sometimes even physiotherapists, celebrity fitness instructors have to ensure holistic fitness schedules […]