Daily Archives: March 19, 2019

Wonders of modern medicine

From 3D-printed prosthetics and revolutionary breakthroughs in fertility treatment to robot-assisted surgery, we take a look at some of the remarkable medical achievements of modern medicine. 3D-printed Prosthetic limbs While humans have been creating artificial limbs for centuries – most notably wooden and metal hands for knights and soldiers – […]

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4 Ways the Rapid Growth of the Construction and Civil Engineering Industry is Impacting Ancillary Businesses

You’ve probably heard the astonishing statistic that China used more cement between 2011 and 2013 than the United States consumed over the entire 20th century. As far as the construction and civil engineering industry is concerned, the last 2 decades have been all about the mind-boggling rise of the Dragon. […]

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Coach Meddy: The Man Behind World Class Footballers Anelka, Matuidi & Evra on the Science of Fitness Coaching

Celebrity fitness is a niche segment in the world of fitness simply because of the high standards involved. While coaching athletes or even actors for specific roles, fitness instructors have to deliver a ton of requirements. Working closely with dieticians, nutrition specialists and sometimes even physiotherapists, celebrity fitness instructors have […]

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