7 Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development in 2019

PHP is one of the web’s most popular frameworks, powering everything from Facebook and Pinterest to Wikipedia. It’s also the framework that’s used to power WordPress, which itself powers 20-30% of the web. In fact, W3techs.com study found that 80% of the web is powered by PHP, and despite it turning 25 years old this […]

How you can complain about a hospital

Are you dissatisfied with the medical care you received from a certain hospital? Falling ill is an unfortunate event that can leave us helpless. The lack of receiving proper medical care from a hospital can make you feel devastated and stressed. If you feel that a hospital provided you with inadequate care, you have a […]

The Multiple Uses of the Wear Plate

You might ask what a wear plate is. The answer to that question is quite simple; they are protective separators that are used in machinery where there is a constant or intermittent rubbing of two parts creating friction. The wear plate prevents the degradation of the expensive machinery. The industries that use wear plates include […]

Alisha Taneja- a highly successful social media content creator

Social media has taken the world of digital marketing by storm, and social media influencers are largely responsible for this. Gone are the days when endorsements were the domain of celebrities alone. These up and coming social media influencers have humble beginnings, but make their mark with original and relatable content catapulting them to internet […]