5 advantages of managed hosting

Managed hosting can be defined as an IT provisioning model. It is basically an extension for dedicated hosting, and the essential hardware involved in it is owned by the hosting provider and same is given on lease to a client. Managed hosting is marked at the first conscious step taken by companies which are planning […]

2 Ways Automation Can Streamline DevOps Processes

On paper, a DevOps department offers no shortage of advantages. Of course, as anyone who has overseen the transition to DevOps can tell you, the process – and even resulting department – can sometimes create brand-new problems. One of the most common is simply that DevOps becomes needlessly complicated. This is why it’s so important […]

Tecfidera: Here Is All You Need To Know

Dimethyl fumarate or Tecfidera is a prescription medicine that is used to treat the relapsing form of multiple sclerosis. Tecfidera is said to reduce the risk of an MS relapse in two years by up to 49% over. Further, it reduces the chance of worsening physical disability by 38%. Tecfidera is the brand name of […]

7 Tactics to Get Your Employees More Involved with Growing Your Business

Listen: growing your business doesn’t happen by accident. And while your marketing team certainly plays a role, the act of putting your business out there is something that’s on the responsibility of all of your employees. Look around at many of today’s biggest startups. One of the common threads between them is the fact that […]