3 Benefits of Call Center Software

Running a call center isn’t easy. By definition, a call center relies on a large network of telephones and employees. Getting the right person on both ends of the phone and offering the right customer service, sales pitch, or solution to the people beyond your call center’s walls is no simple undertaking. But it doesn’t […]

4 Things You Need to Know About Link Building (and What Not to Do)

There are all sorts of strategies that marketers can use in order to generate traffic back to their websites. One of the oldest and most solid strategies is link building. Link building can be conducted in a few ways, but when it’s performed correctly, the marketer will experience an increase in site traffic, and hopefully, […]

5 Effective Tips to Get Your Cold Emails Read

Do you remember the apprehension you felt when you sent your resume to people you didn’t know? Did you await their response eagerly? Or even an acknowledgement that they read your email? Cold emails have a bad reputation, mainly because of our experience in dealing with the poorly written marketing emails that flood our own […]

5 Employment Law changes in New Zealand for 2019

If you’re an employer then you need to be aware of the latest changes in employment law. Not keeping abreast of these changes could leave you liable to prosecution, or even unintentionally mistreating your employees. The first thing you should do is sign up with employers.co.nz; this will ensure you have the updates and assistance […]

7 Possible Reasons Why You Might Be Suffering from Low Oxygen Levels

We need oxygen to live, as does almost every living organism on Earth. Without oxygen we would perish. Not having enough oxygen in our cells is a serious condition called hypoxia. Hypoxia can cause brain problems – which is responsible for circulating oxygen to our heart, cardiovascular system and more. Here are 7 possible reasons […]

Reasons why you might develop allergies from prescriptions

Laptop parts on a table

Proteins are increasingly mentioned as crucial for a healthy body, because they have important functions in all living organisms. This is also the reason why most of new medicine today is based on proteins custom-made to target a specific process. By sending a desired protein into the body it is possible to treat various diseases […]

10 Common Problems That Hotel Managers Have to Face

Being a hotel manager has its ups and downs. There is undoubtedly a mountain of responsibilities we each have to conquer every day. We’re expected to be friendly and amiable; being masterful with time management and organizational skills. Here are 10 common problems a lot of hotel managers face. 1. Unappreciative In the “old days” […]