IBM Sets Watson Free! 

IBM’s moves to free Watson and their focus on Open is resulting in a level of success that few anticipated.  

Docker Logging for IT Container Solutions

Docker logging has been an integral part of container solutions for several years now and has quickly changed information technology (IT) technology operations when transferring software from one environment to another. Issues tend to arise during the migration of information as software, networks, storage, secure sockets layer (SSL) libraries or security protocols may not be […]

What Is APM? 9 Features Every Enterprise Needs

What is APM? APM stands for application performance monitoring as well as application performance management. Depending on its usage, APM refers to monitoring of an application’s performance or the management of an entire information technology (IT) infrastructure. Either way, application performance monitoring or management is essential for application performance optimization. Here are nine features every […]

AWM Monitoring Resources That Oversee Business Operations

Organizations have embraced Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) resource to build scalable cloud-based systems. Today, AWS platforms include tools like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Elastic Block Store (EBS), Lambda and CloudWatch. With AWS monitoring resources, organizations now have the tools necessary to overcome performance challenges in real-time. Combining analytic metrics and […]

Reasons why investing in good audio-visual equipment can be fruitful for your business

From the meeting room to the shop floor, various media frameworks are used and each of these has great features. Regardless of whether you’re searching for progressively viable approaches to speak with inward groups, or you need to get your most recent advertising advancements before customers’ eyes, utilizing the most recent AV innovation, with capable […]