Alexis Assadi: How Cryptocurrencies Can Attract More Investors

I have yet to invest in a cryptocurrency. The closest I’ve gotten is issuing loans to entrepreneurs for them to purchase Bitcoin mining hardware. Don’t get me wrong; I’d love to get involved in a cryptocurrency venture. While I don’t think they represent the future of money, I believe that their underpinning technologies can be […]

NFL’s Huge Growth in the UK And What It Can Do for Businesses

With the biggest game in American sport concluded, the Lombardi trophy lifted by the New England Patriots for the sixth time, we can look forward to the 2019 NFL season and what it has to offer. While many in the US may be burnt out from the regular appearance of the New England Patriots in […]

Effective Tips to Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Did you know that getting a great night’s rest is just as crucial as eating a healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis? In fact, there are countless studies that have made the correlation between subpar sleep and negative effects on our brain function, exercise performance, and hormones. Poor sleep may also result in […]

5 Dental Care Tips for Healthy Teeth

You might have heard an endless number of tips to take care of your teeth till now. But let me tell you the thing that you should not stop learning when it comes to the tips to take care of your teeth because every time you will hear some new tips and tricks which will […]

3 Things You Should Look for in a Job – That Aren’t Money

One of the best work quotes is: “There are people so poor, all they have is their money.” Sure, we all need money to survive in this day and age. Gone are the days of the hunter-gatherer and living solely off the land. And even if you long for that lifestyle one day, you still […]

Questions to Ask Before Participating in a Trade Show

Trade shows are considered a powerful and highly effective component of a well-designed marketing mix. This is not just for huge, multi-million-dollar businesses, but also for small companies and even startups. Almost 14,000 trade shows and similar events are scheduled to be held across the US in 2019, with almost 400 of these in New […]