Voice Search Will Dominate SEO in 2019: Here’s How You Can Benefit From It

While voice-activated technologies were once a novelty, there are now a variety of them on the market that use the power of speech recognition for diverse reasons. Instead of typing, consumers use voice input to quickly and easily perform a number of tasks. Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant are just some of these voice-activated speakers. […]

The Violations of Frederick Oberlander: Court Decision

In 2010, New York lawyer, Frederick Oberlander filed a complaint alleging an international real estate development and investment company named Bayrock Group, had committed fraud. According to Oberlander’s complaint, the company was involved in funding the Trump SoHo Hotel and had a ‘concealed partner’ with a criminal history. The alleged criminal partner is the businessman, […]

How an Addition of QR Codes Can Enhance a Museum Visit

Museums are a place where people pay a visit to improve their knowledge and get amused with astonishing historical facts. For this, visitors use different mediums. Some prefer a tour guide while other keenly read the engraved exhibit. But all this can be replaced by one simple and fast-paced solution. All it takes is a […]

6 Safety Tips While Driving on The Highway

Traveling can be a stress buster for anyone, be it a career person in a fast-paced life or someone looking for a little bit of thrill. For those without much time on their hands, however, road trips can be a great option that lets them get the change of scene that they need without having […]

How to Find the Best Bargains this New Year

A new year has begun, and with it comes more responsibilities. Some of us spent a good amount of money organizing the ultimate holiday party or going on family vacations over the holidays and in this first month of the new year, we are trying to get by and survive until the income starts rolling […]