How Slow Broadband Can Affect Your Business

More and more people, including businesses, are reporting dissatisfaction with their internet providers. Although internet connection is more reliable overall, the main complaint received is in regards to internet speeds or, more specifically, not getting the speeds promised. It’s certainly annoying for households who are trying to stream TV, download media or play online games […]

Top Time Saving Tools of 2019

Time is money, right? With this in mind, it’s important to do whatever it takes to make the most of every minute of your day. Business owners often struggle with the idea of finding enough time for all the tasks that are on their plate. As a result, they don’t get everything done, and their […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Startups Must Outsource

New startups are born every day. Few of them succeed and become the next Facebook. Most of them fail though. According to Small Biz Trends, around 90% of startups fail sooner or later. The reasons why they fail are numerous. One of them is lack of focus and incompetence. You see, founders often try to […]

How Much Will it Cost to Remodel Your Kitchen?

Laptop parts on a table

When the kitchen’s too cramped or just doesn’t flow right, making dinner and enjoying cooking can be difficult. Kitchen remodel are the number one type of remodels homeowners do because of how much time they spend in the kitchen each day. If you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen, think about what you really want and […]

4 Common Dissertation Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

Completing your dissertation is one of the most significant milestones of your career. While this moment may seem far away, you’re getting closer with every day. So, how can you make the most out of the process? Even when you’re feeling stressed and exhausted, be sure to check in with yourself to avoid careless mistakes. […]

Where to Find Reliable Medical Information Online

In the internet age of 2019, it’s easy to Google your way to a diagnosis, but it’s also a hypochondriac’s nightmare. Using WebMD’s symptom checker and entering “nausea” as a 24 year-old non-pregnant un-medicated female yields a “fair match” for anything from drug allergies to bacterial pneumonia. When there’s so much accessible information, how do […]

How people become successful: the story of Braxton Amundson

Entrepreneurship is not always an easy task and building a startup requires much more than is often portrayed by the media. It takes diligent efforts and risk-taking to overcome the challenges associated with building a successful startup from conception to reality. In this article, we will bring to the spotlight Braxton Amundson, a successful entrepreneur […]