What’s a Security Token Offering? And How Do You Market it?

Security token offerings are the new thing in the crypto market, after initial coin offerings (ICOs). When the cryptocurrencies first came to the fore, ICOs were a very common means of raising money for crypto startups. The crypto wave, however, seems to have been overshadowed by security tokens. Security tokens have also heralded an era […]

Know the Advantages of Owning a Credit Card

According to the recent update by Reserve Bank of India, there are approximately 30 million active credit cards in India. Demonetisation may have added on to these already rising numbers. Moreover, various companies are now introducing a range of credit card offers to benefit the users further. Not just offers but advantages of credit cards […]

6 Misconceptions About Personal Injury Lawyers

Unless you practice law or have a direct relation to it, sometimes there can be a lot of gray areas and misconceptions about what is true and what isn’t. For those who find themselves dealing with personal injury law, there are plenty of misconceptions that could have you spending more money or not dealing with […]

The Pros and Cons of Online Casinos for the Industry

Like most other industries, the internet has had a large impact on the gambling industry. Regardless of personal sentiments towards gambling, from an industry point of view, it is hard to say if the changes are for the better or for the worse. Cheap Technology Day to day the costs for starting, and maintaining, an […]