The seven buzz-terms that your digital marketing team should not rely on in 2019

There is no doubt that marketing is necessary to sell products. Even the best possible products with the most pocket-friendly prices require promotions and advertising to become familiar to the target audience. The leading digital marketing technology relies on automation, big data, predictive analysis, personalization, and AI to produce groundbreaking results. It is a lot […]

Clear your schedule for a holiday on the Panama City Beach

Panama City is home to countless white sand beaches open to the public and two state parks. It draws thousands of travelers and tourists from all over the world around the year. With squeaky-clean public beaches and waterfront restaurants, Panama City is the paradise every vacationer dreams about. The turquoise waters are replete with marine […]

Seven Key Financial Considerations to Keep in Mind Before You Start a Business

Being your own boss and taking control of your own professional destiny is a very appealing prospect for almost anybody. Many people start their own businesses successfully, and thanks to the wide availability of the internet, it’s becoming easier than ever to set up your own brand and work for yourself. Whether you want to […]

Five corporate teambuilding ideas with charitable intentions

Several small and large corporations have allotted time and resources to corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in the last decade. These activities are not only helping those in need but also helping the corporate teams. These are excellent team building activities that can bring about the best in people. Whether it is building mobility devices […]

Top Benefits of Meeting Rooms for Your Startup

Any office environment, even a startup that’s mostly operating from someone’s kitchen, will be in need of a meeting room at some point. No matter how many movies and TV shows depict business meetings taking place over casual coffees or in swanky bars, the fact of the matter is that clients and investors will always […]

Forex Trading: What Are the Benefits

Forex is the largest and dynamically developing market with an enormous daily trading volume. Owing to high liquidity, round-the-clock work, Forex trading has become a popular way to earn money, a growing number of people choose forex as a source of income. What opportunities and benefits does the Forex market provide? 1. Easy access to […]

Top 4 Natural Remedies for Fibromyalgia

Are you one of the 10 million people in the US who suffer from fibromyalgia? If so, you are probably sick and tired of pain constantly disrupting your life. While many people turn to painkillers, antiseizure drugs, and antidepressants to reduce the pain from their fibromyalgia, oftentimes, these drugs aren’t enough. Plus, a lot of […]

What New Players Need To Know About League Of Legends

In 2016 thousands of fans filled the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. However, it wasn’t the floor that they were paying attention to on this night. No, on this night their focus was on a brightly lit enormous video board that hung from the rafters. Players and fans from all around the world watched […]

Thomas Zaccagnino welcomes Former FINRA Executive, Sam Gaer Joins Muirfield Board

Muirfield Investment Partners announced the addition of Sam Gaer to their advisory board. Mr. Gaer joins an already impressive list of individuals, including Gari Singh and John D’Agostino, who are contributing their expertise to Muirfield as the company expands its service offerings to include blockchain-based investment solutions. Mr. Gaer is the founder, chairman, and CEO […]

Thomas Zaccagnino Welcomes CTO of IBM Blockchain

Boston-based private equity real estate firm, Muirfield Investment Partners, is pleased to announce that blockchain specialist and CTO of IBM Blockchain, Gari Singh, has joined the firm as an advisor. Muirfield is leading the effort to reinvent and improve private equity investing through the use of blockchain technology and Mr. Singh’s technical expertise will help […]