7 Tips to Help PCB Assembly

Printed circuit manufacturing and assembly are two different “worlds”, usually performed by distinct and different companies. This is because each discipline requires a set of processes that are unique and specific; manufacturing PCBs require a different set of systems and tools than PCB assembly does. In order to make sure that the printed circuit board […]

Reshaping the Creative Landscape: The Impact of Digital

It wasn’t so long ago that the Mad Men days of choice advertising pieces ruled supreme. But, in today’s digital world, the creative process is transforming into something very different. To show you just how that is happening, MDG Advertising’s latest infographic lays out the ways in which the creative landscape has been revisioned by […]

Ivacy VPN gets Multiple Nominations by BestVPN Awards 2019

A lot of VPN users are not entirely sure which VPN is the best out there. There are numerous reviews online, but that is not enough to make an informed decision about a particular VPN provider. Since no service is perfect, some services may excel at certain aspects than others. But there are a few […]

4 Cryptocurrency Trading and Investment Pitfalls to Avoid in 2019

2018 has been an interesting year for cryptocurrencies – many stakeholders; miners, traders, and investors have lost money as the market remains stuck in bear territory. For instance, Bitcoin has lost about 73% in its trading price from $13,500 to around $3,500, Ethereum is down more than 89% from around $903 in January to $91, […]

Five Effective Tips for Local Link Building

Links play an important role in how you rank in the search results page. It’s not enough to just have links on your page though. Having links from external, high-quality sources is essential. Link building at the local level can help you to rank at or near the top of a local search results page. […]

Technology Your Restaurant Can’t Live Without

Sorry dad, but the rule of no tech at the table doesn’t fly anymore. Research from Technomic shows customers want technology at the restaurant table if it means shorter waits, faster bills, and better service. Restaurants must refresh their in-house technology, to not only meet their customer’s need but also, to stay on top of […]

How The New Farm Bill will expand the CBD market

The business of CBD is already substantial in the US and globally. Now that Congress approved the new Farm Bill and President Trump is about to sign it, the CBD market will see further astronomical growth. Solidifying the legal position for sellers and producers effectively tips the CBD market as one of the most alluring […]

Selling a car: How to do it painlessly

Selling a used car in times of crisis has advantages and setbacks. On one hand, there are more drivers willing to buy a second-hand vehicle (especially since the 2000E Plan ended). But there is also less liquidity among buyers, who tend to cut costs and renegotiate prices. How to achieve a successful sale in this […]

Gambling Blackout Beckons On Social Media

With the recent news that gambling companies in the UK will commence voluntarily excluding themselves from televised advertising during live sports from 2019, there is talk once again that a similar ban, or exclusion, could be considered on social media. The principles behind the TV advertising ban are easy enough to understand; whilst gambling is […]