VoIP Technology and Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all about connecting people. Communication is the key, and they know it. We have become a custom to modern texting communication style. Nowadays, Facebook and other popular social media platforms offer built-in video-calls, voice recordings, regular calls, etc. All these thanks to the development of VoIP […]

Overview of Web Application Security Scanners

The number of cyber attacks is increasing every year, they are becoming more widespread and are causing increasing losses. Cybercriminals are targeting not only corporate networks and computers but also websites, which can be very vulnerable to this kind of threat. In order to protect your website from attacks, you need to take a whole […]

5 Posting Tips for Growing Your Social Media Audience

If you want to build your brand on social media, you need to do it organically. Purchasing fake followers and likes is not only an unethical practice, but real people will sniff out suspicious activity quickly—and then your entire brand’s reputation is damaged, and it will take ages to repair it. While growing your audience […]

Why Are Visitors Leaving My Site?

You have a website and you’re driving traffic towards it. This means that you should be raking in the sales and watching your profits soar, right? Unfortunately, websites don’t work like that. You can bring people to your website, but you can’t make them stay there. If you’re looking at your analytics and seeing high […]

8 Ways to Care for Your Immune System during Chemo

Chemotherapy is one of the best and most recommended treatments for cancer. The term chemotherapy, or otherwise known as chemo, refers to a treatment that prevents the cancer cells from dividing and growing further in a patient’s body. It does this by killing these harmful malignant cancerous cells. Chemotherapy is a kind of invasive treatment […]

10 Daily Tips to Make You a More Productive Startup Founder

A startup founder is not an easy gig. There are countless tasks and never-ending duties. So, being as productive as humanly possible is something that everyone should strive towards. Often times startup founders overthink a situation and drown in stress. What if you could improve your daily productivity simply by implementing a few easy tips? […]

Top 10 Must Do Things in London UK 2019

With top class art exhibitions, museums, galleries, gardens, restaurants and bars, London is a hep and happening city all-round the year. There are various attractions and night activities to do in the Capital. So, if you’re wondering about things to do in London, forget about a particular list or so, and just head out into […]

Christmas Is Almost Here – Here’s What Retailers Need To Know

Running a store is hard enough at any given time of year – retail requires rigorous managerial presences to guarantee that the floor is stocked and ready to go with the most popular products. There’s no need to stress, so long as retailers keep a thing or two in mind during the busiest times for […]

Take Your Event to the Next Level With Custom T Shirts

Some people have a real knack for event planning. They love coming up with a vision, they have a brain for detail, and they thrive as busy bees connecting with caterers, event speakers, venues, and guests to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. While not everybody may be in their element when it […]