How to Know When That Business Idea Is Good Enough to Pursue

Have you ever looked at a simple invention such as the corkscrew or the trunki and thought “I could have invented that”? The simple fact is that most people have potential business ideas every day. But how do you know when the business idea is good enough to pursue? Fortunately the answer to this question […]

Viruses That Live Only in RAM

The number of new computer viruses grows every year. Hackers definitely do not lack imagination and motivation. Of course, antiviruses successfully cope with the most common malicious programs, moreover, even free antivirus solutions do it quite well. Security software vendors have also learned how to fight popular ransomware viruses. Antivirus vendors even start to create […]

The Best Ways to Fix Slow WiFi

We have come to expect a fast connection to the Internet. It is essential if we are in the habit of streaming video or engaging in a lot of online activity. Whether we connect to the net by a wire or a wireless connection, the expectations are high. As more individuals and companies have moved […]

What Features Should Your Office Intranet Have?

If you want to improve how your team communicates with each other, how they share files, and how they collaborate, you’ll need to put a strong intranet in place. In case you aren’t familiar, a workplace intranet is similar to the internet we’re all acquainted with—except instead of connecting millions of devices across the world, […]

10 Best VPN Deals of 2018

If you want to use the Internet privately, securely, and freely for less, then take a look at these best deals on VPNs for 2018.

4 iPad Tips For Parents

In the digital world, it is essential for one to be as safe as possible. For this reason, you should make it a point to have frequent talks with your children in order to ensure they are protected. Experts have said that online threats are a huge problem for children when they are in their […]

8 Things you should know about the Upcoming Shopping Season

The winter season means a lot of things to different people. For some, December is a time to meet up with family. For others, it just a cold month they wish could go away as quickly as possible. If you love shopping, you probably start marking your calendar on Black Friday. Black Friday brings along […]

How To Start An Air Conditioning And Heating Repair Business

Whether you live in the far north or the deep south, humans have wanted to control their indoor climate for centuries. With modern air conditioning and heating units, the ability to do so is more high tech than ever – but our high tech equipment is also prone to breaking down, needing maintenance, and generally […]

What Does One Mean by AWS Consulting?

AWS is a cloud-based platform that provides technology driven businesses with a variety of tools regarding data storage, analytics, computing, management, migration, networking, and much more. This AWS consulting service supports specific services for mobile devices and IoT, which feature capabilities for ML & Big Data processing, infrastructure security, and data protection. It can be […]

INDIVA Ltd. & Streetlight stay committed to the environment and the communities

With all the excitement surrounding cannabis legalization, it’s easy to lose sight of legalizations main purpose – to improve the lives of people in our communities. In this budding industry, Licensed Producers are the front line and thus must operate in an environmentally friendly way, minimize waste and benefit their community. LPs generally have a […]

Do You Have all the Batteries You Need for Christmas?

Is your Christmas list ready? Let’s run down it now. Turkey – yep, good idea. Everyone loves a plump bird at Christmas, and the leg or breast joke never ever gets old. Tinsel – good one. A classic. A bit of festive cheer that can be worn by trees and drunken party-goers alike. The perfect […]

Beyond the “Cool Factor:” Why Digital Packaging is the Best Thing for your Small Business

What is digital packaging? Like digital marketing, digital packaging encompasses many different practices and technologies that have cumulatively revolutionized how businesses get things done. Packaging design, printing, mailing, and even reusing or recycling can now be executed using digital systems. The rise of ecommerce is aiding digital packaging’s meteoric growth. Research and Markets predicts that […]