Are You Using Expired Domains in Your SEO Strategy?

What if you could buy a domain that already had a backlink profile, which would take you months and hundreds of dollars to build? Well, you’re in luck! These exist and are there for you to find and use for your SEO. In this article, we will cover what an expired domain is, how to […]

Build Your Business Applications Using Salesforce DX Like Never Before

Development is no more the same old complicated thing, but you have many exciting and creative ways of doing it. Salesforce has brought in a revolutionary change in application development. Where you are an individual developer or have a team, Salesforce DX now offers you a highly integrated, end-to-end platform, which makes the agile development […]

Claims Software and the Future of PPI Claims Companies

Claims management software has been instrumental in helping consumers make compensation claims in the UK after the PPI mis-selling scandal. During the 1990s, Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was commonly mis-sold to millions of consumers. The banks sold the insurance alongside credit cards, loans and mortgages. Although the insurance was a good product, the banks realized […]

APIs Every Mobile Workforce Must Have

If your company has a mobile workforce, you know just how difficult it can be to connect with them while they are out on the road. They could be in your town or they could be in some remote part of the state or country. When you have something of importance to communicate with them, […]

What Steps to Take If You Can’t Pay Your Taxes

The tax year is almost over, and while you may have time to file your taxes, it’s a great idea to take the right steps if you cannot pay your taxes on time. Sometimes, you receive money back, so you don’t have to worry about paying money come tax season. But a study between 2012 […]

How Can Startups Benefit From Team Building Activities?

Whether it’s a startup or a large corporate organisation, team building activities have been proven to be extremely beneficial for team work productivity. Startup organisations are still in the stage of establishing themselves and need 100% effort from all their employees. Employees in a startup have mixed roles and need to work together with different […]

Which generator should you pick for home use?

Is your locality prone to sudden power outage due to storms? Do you live near a hurricane zone? Or, do you go on camping trips often with friends and family? In each of these cases, you would require an alternate source of power. Backup power can be a standby generator or a small portable one. […]

Important Menstrual Hygiene Tips That Every Woman Must Know

During their monthly period, women follow a lot of health tips to stay healthy as much as possible. In this time, a few health issues are commonly noted. For example, mild or severe headaches can occur. However, severe headache is not always a usual symptom. If you face it for a prolonged period, you should […]

Simple Gifts for Coworkers

Maybe your office is hosting a holiday party as a reward for everyone’s hard work, or maybe you and some friends from work are having a get together to relax and have some fun. Whatever the case, there are plenty of ways you can brighten the workplace with some holiday cheer without breaking the bank. […]