Cyber Security: Various Types of Attacks Deployed by Hackers

We live in a world where the internet influences every facet of our lives. From e-commerce to banking, our personal data is susceptible to hackers. If you are not careful, you can find yourself in a position where your entire savings has been wiped out through hacking. While you do not need to be a […]

Security Risks of Modern Smart TVs

Desktop computers are no longer necessary to connect to the Internet – we can surf without any restrictions using smartphones, tablets, and now even a TV. Smart TVs dynamically join the collection of connected gadgets in our homes. But are they safe? Reports show that … no. Criminals can use Smart TV to steal your […]

The new PUWER software taking the UK by storm

The government has enforced rules and regulations in order to ensure the safety of individuals in the workplace. These rules need to be followed in order to maintain a safe working environment so that everyone’s life can be kept out of danger. PUWER is a fairly common term in the field of workplace safety and […]

The Synergy TG products redefining wireless alarm systems

With the advancement in science and technology, lives have become simpler and safer than ever before. The changes are quite visible when you have a look at the way we deal with the alarm systems around us. A couple of years before, you wouldn’t have imagined that home security will be revolutionized in a way […]