5 High Profile Tax Evasion Cases (and What You Can Learn from them)

“Nothing in this life is certain but death and taxes,” so the saying goes. Love them or hate them (and most people absolutely hate them) taxes are a huge part of our lives with which each one of us must contend. From our wages being taxed to levies, duties, and tariffs being imposed on everything […]

5 Instagram Tips for Fashion Startups

The term social media has been synonymous with Facebook for the past decade. But for the first time in a while, one app seems to be making the first real challenge to Facebook’s global dominance. One of the fastest growing major social media apps, Instagram recently hit the major milestone of 1 billion active users. […]

Your content strategy needs social media to thrive

“Content is fire and Social Media is gasoline” Words are mighty indeed but unless you give them a platform for distribution, they’ll never reach people. Yes, blogging and longform content are still relevant in 2018, probably even more than ever but you need to know that organic growth is laborious. Brands, people have been blogging, […]

8 Instagram Hacks That Will Get You More Followers

With Instagram being at the top spot for social networks, nearly every brand under the sun wants to be the most followed of their industry. Getting to that point means you’re not only the most recognized but also reeling in the most revenue, which is a big reason why Instagram is viewed as such a […]

Mac Users: 4 Ways To Transform Messy Filesharing Habits

Sharing files between devices and over the internet is easier than it’s ever been. Thanks to applications like DropShare, DropBox, and iCloud, the process of sending photos to friends and family is simple and seamless. With an iCloud account, files on all your devices can be automatically synced to the cloud and accessed from anywhere. […]

Why Modern Consumer Brands Are Struggling to Stay Relevant

Consumer brands are in a difficult spot. While each company faces a unique combination of challenges due to its history, its industry, and its target demographics, there are some universal issues converging to threaten the relevance and appeal of established brands. If they’re going to survive, they need to dissect and analyze these challenges, then […]