Breaking Into the Field of Property Management With Brian Setencich

Breaking into any industry is usually a very difficult endeavor due to the increasing barriers to entry. For those unfamiliar, these are the competitor-driven boundaries that are put in place to prevent newcomers from obtaining a market share. So, if a mobile phone company attempts to sell their devices, it is likely that Apple and […]

Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin. Is it a Scam?The story of the $30,000,000 pizza.

The buzz around Bitcoin has been going on for quite a while now and a lot of other cryptocurrencies have been popping up in its wake. Some currencies have established themselves and other, so-called, tokens were just hot air and disappeared. What is Bitcoin Bitcoin’s origin and even nature might sound a little dubious; an […]

5 Proven Strategies for Increasing Staff Productivity In 2018 And Beyond

There is an obvious link between employees and productivity. All you need to see is the overall health of a business to know whether or not productivity is part of the company culture. A well run company is that way simply because the management and staff all work well together and make good use of […]

Benefits of Buying a Business

When you feel it’s time to be your own boss, and then it’s worth noting that you are on the right path to success. Both starting and buying a business have their advantages and disadvantages. However, buying an existing business is less risky and is more immediately rewarding than starting from scratch. It is worth […]

Geometry of spacetime as a quantum information processing device

In the race for building a scalable quantum computer, devices using photons as carrier of quantum information are in the front run. The reason is the easiness to access the photons degrees of freedom that can encode the qubits (quantum bits) which are the standard information units in quantum computing. Accordingly, when using photonic quantum […]