Attracting new customers: Experiential marketing packs the punch

Whenever there has been a new invention or a groundbreaking design, people have come to know of them through some form of advertising. Whether it was in print, the radio, broadcast on TV, printed leaflets or through word of mouth, the buyer has always come to know of the product through some form of marketing. […]

Virtual Reality: How Tech Is Changing the Way You Buy and Sell a Home

Technology is changing the way we experience life today! The digital world has not just impacted the way we purchase goods online, but also property. Are you moving out sometime soon and looking for a property? And as you search for the same, are you relying only on the brochures you gather from the real […]

The pros and cons of choosing a career in real estate

Imagine working for yourself in a flexible career where you can set your own working hours, learn the ins and outs of your city and earn as much money as you want (we’re talking $150k per year, or more!) Sounds amazing, right? That’s real estate. There are so many reasons real estate is an awesome […]