Top 4 CRMs Going Into 2019

It all started with traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) where back-end analytics were the only factor; on which discussions were held. Gradually, online self-service came into play and as the time passed, with the launch of smartphones, integration of mobile applications with CRM became a hot topic and the traditional CRM transformed and revolutionized into […]

Top Cyber security Vulnerabilities Threatening Corporations and How to Avert Them

Corporations are paying more attention to their cyber security postures. The worst cyber security breaches like those suffered by Under Armour, US Universities, Uber, and Equifax increased awareness about corporations’ need to be more watchful in today’s threatened environment.Among the worst cyber security breaches indicted in 2018, are the attacks carried out by nine Iranian […]

Top Reasons to save Your Company Data on the cloud

There are many reasons why we backup data. On top of those reasons is safeguarding the information for use in the future. Old and unused company data can prove to be a vital piece of information, later on, therefore when saving you crucial information, it is critical to ensure that the location is safe and […]

7 Factors That Determine Your Car Insurance Premium

It does not matter whether you own a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, according to Indian Road Safety Act and Motor Vehicles Act, having third party liability insurance is mandatory to all vehicle owners.For the year 2018-19, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has proposed lower rates for third party motor insurance foremost vehicle […]