4 Ways To Make Your Life More Green

Sometimes, it’s the little things we do in our lives that end up making a big difference. And nowhere is this more the case than when it comes to being green. Sure, you can vote for politicians who support the cause, and we’re all for donating money to organizations that clean up oil spills and […]

Christopher Halajian Looks at the Recent Southold-Mattituck Lacrosse Developments

Lacrosse is a very popular game across Southold and Mattiuck, according to Christopher Halajian. Indeed, whenever there are elections in the town, candidates talk about how they will help residents of virtually every estate be able to access the sport. Meanwhile, when a big game is on, a big route has to be blocked off, […]

The Core Values of Michael Giuffrida and Why They Matter

Having core values is something that is often overlooked, but that is present in all organizations. Merger and acquisition specialists such as Michael Giuffrida believe that people need to understand that all businesses have these types of values. By being able to recognize them, individuals will find it much easier to fit into company culture, […]