Why Zillios is built on BlockChain

Zillios is a highly exciting international property platform that is seeking to place control of the entire process back into the hands of the key users; the buyers and the sellers. A key part of this is the implementation of Block chain technology.

Benefits of Integrating RPA

RPA is more efficient, faster and there are no cases of fatigue. RPA enables time-saving on repetitive tasks, and individuals can concentrate on other productive avenues.

How local SEO helps your business grow

Local SEO is the ideal strategy for local businesses that want to get noticed by the customers, build leads, convert potential customers to long-term buyers, and increase their business’ profits

Are Publishers Becoming More Like Tech Vendors?

Surprisingly the sale of traditional books is starting to rise again; but this isn’t enough to keep publishers happy. Put simply the power of social media and other digital marketing campaigns has the capability of dramatically increasing sales.

The first US gambling app is about to come out

The new app will be a pioneer as well. Nevertheless, it will not allow for a completely remote gambling experience, as users will have to buy the games on-site and cash out their winnings by visiting the physical branch of the casino as well.

What is Email Archiving and How it Can Help Your Business

Electronic mail archiving or email archiving is the process of saving data to allow quick retrieval in the future for purposes ranging from organization to company-based audits. For organizations where data permanence is of prime concern, email archiving is important, or rather, necessary. If your firm considers data importance of concern, you need to read […]