NVIDIA Disrupts Movie/TV Industry

NVIDIA Announces RTX Video Cards At SIGGRAPH in disruptive move to massively change video rendering using Real-Time Ray Tracing.  

QuickBooks 2019 vs Cloud Apps

Is QuickBooks 2019 going to revolutionize small or medium sized business bookkeeping or will Cloud software lead the way?

The Benefits of Credit Unions vs. Banks

Credit unions are nothing new in the banking world, but their simple approach to the money business makes them an ideal option for modern spenders and savers.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Accounting Industry?

Talking about the days when managers had to do bookkeeping manually would be sheer foolishness. Even hard coded software to help in transaction process in banks is a thing of the past and talking about this may make you seem a luddite. Software that can learn on their own is the new fad. Today, there […]

Vaping to Quit Smoking? Keep It Simple to Succeed

While some observers have watched the trend with growing alarm, declaring vaping a problem, others have concluded that vaping might be the most viable way to end the longstanding public health crisis connected to traditional tobacco products. 

5 Different Types of Excavators

Excavators come in different sizes and shapes – although, at first glance, we’d call them scary looking vehicles with lots of arms, they can be called in for many types of jobs. They are used in activities ranging from construction to mining. Basically, they’re a boon to civil engineering. In this article, we’ll take a […]

4 Tips for Buying a Used Tractor

So, you do need a tractor, do you? Tractors are necessary in a lot of places, especially in heavy duty work, so it’s no surprise you need to get one. They have multiple purposes, we’ll run out of space if we are to list all of them for you. (Also, you probably know how useful). […]