How Developers Are Making Mobile Apps ADA Compliant

Apps are such an integral part of life that the American with Disabilities Act considered requiring all mobile apps to meet criteria for people with disabilities. The proposal was introduced and put in place in 2014, but then access regulations were dropped in January 2017.

Bayrock Group Sued by Jody Kriss

Real estate development firm, Bayrock group, was recently sued by former executive Jody Kriss. The company, associated with President Trump, after developing the Trump Soho building, which is in Manhattan, New York, was accused of laundering money, skimming cash, cheating Kriss out of millions, and offensively dodging federal taxes. 

5 Reasons Why You Need To Hire An Employment Lawyer     

Life is full of surprises and nobody knows what might happen the next moment. Be it good or bad, we should be prepared to handle any situation that comes along our way. That’s the reason we take numerous insurances to protect ourselves from a mishap. It is often that we might find ourselves in the […]

5 Simple Ways You Can Save Yourself Money

Lifestyle changes can be extremely difficult, especially once you’re used to and comfortable living a certain way. Having to give up your takeout or washing your car yourself may take some time and personal sacrifice, but in the end, that extra money will be worth it.