How to Hide and Manage Location Services on iPhone

Most of the apps we use daily on our iOS devices have in-built GPS. There is no doubt that these apps have access to your location and they can send out notifications and even recommendation based on your location. For instance, your Maps will request you to review a restaurant where you spend a night. Also, social media use your location to suggest people who are around you.

Importance of the EB-5 visa requirement and why you need legal advice

As with any immigration policy, there are always bottlenecks in the beginning. But when dealt with innovatively, there are huge advantages for both sides. A foreign investor thus needs a good EB-5 lawyer for legal advice to ensure every deal goes according to the necessary requirements. Before we talk about how good it is to get a lawyer, let’s look at the importance of this program to both the country and the foreign

Why Cross-Platform Gaming Will Change Mobile Games for Good

As mobile gaming expands at an unprecedented rate, it’s now evolving into cross-platform gaming territory. But what is cross-platform gaming? Join us and explore the rise of cross-platform gaming and why taking the competition out of the device and placing it into the gamer’s hands is so important.