Inside Envilope – the World’s First Blockchain-Based Postal Service

Although there is increased use of instant messaging, chat, social networking, and other forms of electronic communications, email continues to show steady growth, as nearly all forms of online communication still require users to have an email address to access their services, and all e-Commerce transactions require a valid email address.

Tips to Migrate A WordPress Blog

If you suffer a lot of downtime, slowdowns, and various server issues with your current web host provider, then it’s time to migrate your WordPress website with a better web host

Peter & Steven Lowy Join Supervisory Board of Unibail Rodamco After Westfield Takeover

In fact, according to The Financial Times, there have been many mergers of this kind taking place recently. They explain, “There has been a recent flurry of prospective deals in the global retail property sector. The UK’s Hammerson offered £3.2bn ($4.3bn) to buy its smaller rival Intu while Canada’s Brookfield is trying to buy out the remainder of GGP real estate group for $15bn.”

Grant Imahara Has a Web Series to Talk About the Future of the Robots

Many people have seen many movies with robots that come to Earth with the mission to take our jobs, or even worse – kill us. Some movies even represented them having sex with humans, but let’s be real – real-life robots are not to be feared at all. They’re actually kind of cute.

How to Stay Anonymous Online in 2018

Though your digital footprints are constantly being tracked by third-parties, you can reduce the risk of exposing your true identity. Here’s how to stay anonymous online without the possibility of detection.

Is My Data Safe If I Sell My Phone?

Now many of you will ask, “How to wipe out data completely if I want to Sell My Phone?” Here I’m going to reveal you some tips and tricks so that you may remove all your data completely before you sell it to some other stranger.

5 Tips to Fixing Your Short-Term Cash Flow Problems

It is almost an essential truth of being a small business owner: there is no such thing as guaranteed, year-round cash flow. You may have some quite good months that are then followed by some not so great months. And as a solo entrepreneur, those short-term cash flow problems can really add up negatively. Of course, there are always things you can do to help fix those short-term cash flow woes.