Should robots have human rights?

The European Commission has been deliberating over a controversial move to give artificial intelligence and robots their own ‘human rights.’ This debate comes after the Commission has called for a 20-billion-euro investment into artificial intelligence.

5 Steps To Publishing Your Own Book

Do you have a story to tell? If so, you probably want to tell it in a book. While you may find it easy to put your story into writing, you may struggle to have your book published.

Why You Should Say No to Smoking

Cigarettes are addictive, often because of the alleged sensational experience that they can give when smoking. Once addicted it is difficult to wean away from the problem as it induces you into enjoying more of it.

How to increase conversion rates in online finance

There are several digital and marketing techniques to get the most out of the user visits on your website and maximise the number of application and form completions possible. We talk you through some of these techniques below.

Tarek Bouchamaoui Championing The Energy Transition In Tunisia

Currently spearheading an effort to bring the major private-sector groups in Tunisia to work together, Tarek Bouchamaoui strives to fulfill a strategy aimed at transforming the country’s energy into a sustainable and ecologically-friendly resource.

CFD Trading for Beginners

CFD trading is an agreement between a trader and a broker that involves the change of an asset’s value across time – hence Contract for Difference.

Influencers and Startups: Help Mates?

Today, influencers that have the greatest impact on their audience do not necessarily have to have the same status of a celebrity; they just need to be authorities in their market niche.