Artists Can Sell Creative Works Through Blockchain

A new blockchain-based IP asset exchange platform could help by protecting creative work and by making sure that creators get paid. Ink, a Singapore-based venture, has developed a blockchain-based platform for content producers that provides a secure environment to manage, protect, share, trademark, promote and sell original work.

Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Food Truck Business

According to many experts, food trucks are booming and you have many chances to make a quick profit. On the other hand, it is not so simple simple to make your business stand out in this highly-competitive sector. In this article, we will provide you with a better understanding of what starting a food truck business means today.

What to consider when ordering a keto meal online

Your body takes in all kinds of foods every single day. So you would want to burn the carbohydrate and continue eating low-carb foods so as not to develop any health issues. The one diet that solves this problem is a ketogenic diet. Ketos turn your body into a machine that burns all fats. Among the benefits of ketogenic diet include:

How to Improve Your Organization’s Energy Output

Reducing your organization’s energy output can be easier than you might think. There are several things you can do to cut down on energy consumption, give back to the environment, and put money back in your pocket.

Getting Down to Bitcoin Basics: What It is and Where to Buy It

Bitcoin. Mining. Blockchain. Cryptocurrency. Digital exchange platforms. You have to admit that all of these terms sound pretty sci-fi and unreal, especially if you’re not really a tech-savvy person interested in the latest technological trends and advances.