RippleByte has Become a New ICO Sensation

According to sources, RippleByte is neither a fork of Ripple nor a copycat; rather the firm is launching a new decentralized cryptocurrency with name “RippleByte”.

4 Hurdles of A Home Loan Balance Transfer

People who have availed a home loan can easily know the pinch of paying heavy EMI amount every month and how a major portion goes only towards the interest payment.

New technologies through your eyes and fingers

The next step in the technological progress is just breathtaking – controlling electronic devices with the help of your eyes or hand gestures. No touches, only magical passes in the air. 

All you need to know about Jimmy Wanjigi

To many citizens of Kenya, the name Jimmy Wanjigi oozes affluence, wealth and Government connections that never run out. This Kenyan billionaire lives a fairy tale life that most Africans can only dream about but before Jimmy came to the spotlight, his public profile was low key and mysterious. The following post covers the lucrative deals and businesses that contribute to Jimmy Wanjigi net worth.