Ransomware Is No Joke: How to Protect Yourself Now

Thanks to high-profile strains like WannaCry and Petya, that’s changing. And fast. If you’re not yet aware of this rapidly metastasizing threat, here’s what you need to know to mitigate the risk of ransomware.

Alax Platform All Set To Take Mobile Gaming To The Next Level

As mobile devices have become more functional and powerful, the app marketplace for mobile devices has also evolved quite a lot. There are now millions of applications out there spanning across different categories and mobile game is a major category of all.

How to Track Your Car on the Cheap

You start looking around for your car, hoping you parked it on a different street, you start to get worried, has your car been stolen? And then you end up asking yourself “What do I do now?”, “How do I get it back?”. Horrible experience for sure. “But my car was locked, and I had an alarm,” you say, “I had it under control.”

A guide to SEO for hotels and B&Bs

If you run a hotel or B&B, you are bound to have plenty on your plate – perhaps even literally. After all, there can be many plates and pieces of cutlery to wash regularly – and some cupboards and desk drawers might have gathered cobwebs that are just waiting to be cleared.

What is Trending for Social Media Optimization in 2018?

Social Media optimization is a trending service in 2018 and If you have noticed within these last six months, we have seen at least two or three updates from Facebook and Snapchat and we highly doubt this will be the last we see of these updates. Facebook’s messenger broadcast is one example of these new features we can enjoy

How To Write A Good Thesis

Thesis is very important research paper. A person usually writes several different academic papers during the lifetime. The majority of people complete Bachelor Thesis only. Those who would like to develop the scientific career, complete Master and Doctoral Theses.