Why the Google Pixel 3 Could Become the Dominant Smartphone in 2018

If you were to walk through Google’s graveyard, you’d find that it was mostly populated by failed hardware projects. From dual-OS tablets to the ill-fated Google Glass, these projects have underlined the brand’s struggles with physical products and innovations through the years.

Cloud Gaming And The Future of Gaming

“Cloud gaming” has been a buzz word on the interweb for years. Many gamers have dubbed cloud gaming the future of gaming, join us to find out why.

Great Stress Tips To Calm Your Mind And Heal Your Body

When we are stressed we realize how important it is to know a place where we could be relieved of all the stress in our lives, at least for some hours. In that case, massage therapy can work wonders for your mind and body.

Distracted Driving: An Epidemic Even in the Business World

Distracted driving is common in an era of smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices that cause drivers to take their eyes off the road. It takes a second of distraction to lead to an accident, and drivers often have their eyes off the road for much longer than a second.