Why You Need an IT Help Desk Service Provider

How can organizations deliver top-notch services at low cost and still deliver quality service? Outsourcing help desk solutions is the answer. But why should a business outsource help desk solutions?

This is How Cell Phones Have Changed Human Communication

A recent survey by SimpleTexting.com shows 57% of respondents have broken up with someone via text message. The millennial generation in particular admitted to breaking up with someone via text message. An overwhelming 69% of millennials said they’ve broken up with someone in a text message.

Tolerance in the Workplace

The word “diversity” can have a bad reputation sometimes, but it really shouldn’t. Part of the problem might come from people who aren’t quite sure what the word means or fear that another group gaining positive recognition means that they have to lose something. 

Learning to Love Baseball

Baseball is called “America’s pastime” for a few reasons. It’s been around a lot longer than football, and purists claim that baseball is both easier to understand and less violent.