Importance of Essential Oils in Yoga Practice

In the modern tempo of everyday life, people may be too stressed out and strained to practice yoga with calm and positive mood. This is where essential oils should be added to the practice for balancing the emotional state.

Hormones: Friend and Fiend

It is always the hormones. The cranky teenager going through puberty, the miracle of birth and the disappearing hairline, none of these would happen without our body’s chemical messengers.

5 Marketing Strategies to Grow Brand Awareness

Creating and maintaining good brand awareness is essential for businesses in every industry. For start-ups it can help attract your first customers, while for SMEs and other companies it can be useful for growing your existing client or customer base.

Small Ways to Improve Travel

Even the most experienced traveler can get a little worn out by the security lines and tiny airplane seats and con artists on the street.

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